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AUPOOL Glass Exercise pools VS traditional Concrete Pools

By aupool | Date: 2023-08-02 | 916 read

Swimming pools are popular amenities for many households and communities, offering a refreshing escape from the scorching summer heat and serving as an ideal choice for leisure, entertainment, and fitness. When selecting the right type of swimming pool, traditional concrete pools and Aupool Glass Exercise pools have unique advantages and disadvantages. Each family's needs are different, but some factors can help you determine whether an Aupool Glass Exercise pool or a traditional concrete pool is more suitable for you.


To ensure an ideal swimming environment, traditional concrete pools are generally larger and suitable for outdoor construction. However, they may not be the best choice for smaller yards or yards where space needs to be reserved for other activities. If you have a large backyard, a big family, or need a pool for gatherings, a traditional concrete pool could be an option since they have more space to accommodate more people. 

Compared to traditional concrete pools, Aupool Glass Exercise pools take up less space. The smallest size requires only 13 to 15 feet of space, and if you have a larger space, you can opt for a larger size, such as a 38-foot pool. Additionally, Aupool Glass Exercise pools can be installed indoors, on a balcony, or in a basement, allowing you to reserve more space for other activities. Therefore, the size of the pool space will be one of the crucial factors in choosing the type of pool.


 pool Installation.jpg


One unavoidable challenge in building a pool is installation, and according to Technavio's survey of the pool market, one of the main challenges faced by the global swimming pool market's growth is the high installation and maintenance costs. Typically, the steps to construct a traditional concrete pool are as follows:

1.Communicate with a pool designer to discuss your vision for the pool.

2.Most cities and towns require you to obtain a residential building permit to construct an in-ground pool, and obtaining the permit may take one to six weeks or more, depending on the approval process.

3.Excavation, which, under normal circumstances, takes several days, provided you have arranged with the contractor in advance.

4.After the pool is excavated, steel, pipes, and various systems like lighting, spa, water features, etc., need to be installed, which could take around one to two weeks.

Next, the pool construction and landscaping take place, depending on your construction type and pool size, this process could take one to three weeks. So, under smooth circumstances and not considering other factors, it would take over a month to enjoy the pool's fun.

In comparison, the installation of an Aupool Glass Exercise pool is much simpler. You only need to prepare the ground where you plan to place the pool. Aupool Glass Exercise pools are typically delivered as separate modules, making it easy to transport them to your location. You can easily transport these modules to the desired location, whether it's indoors, underground, or on a balcony. Assembling these modules is as simple as building with blocks. Rest assured, the installation process is not complex, and our AUPOOL engineering team is ready to assist you throughout. Setting up the pool only takes 2-3 people and 2-3 days, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of having a pool quickly and easily. Additionally, if you decide to move to a new house, you can disassemble and transport the pool, sparing you the need to abandon the pool altogether.

Maintenance Cost:

Like installation cost, the maintenance cost of a pool is also an important factor in the selection process. Compared to other pool construction materials, concrete is porous, requiring more frequent cleaning to prevent algae buildup, chemical additions, debris, and other impurities. If the pool's purification and filtration system were not well-designed during construction, maintaining a large concrete pool can become a daunting task.

In contrast, Aupool Glass Exercise pools have a relatively smaller surface area, making maintenance much simpler. The interior wall modules of Aupool Glass Exercise pools are constructed with high-strength composite sandwich panels, effectively inhibiting algae growth.

Additionally, they are equipped with a comprehensive water circulation and purification system, including a Filter Tank and Salt Chlorine Generators. This system efficiently circulates and purifies the water, helping to keep the pool clean and prevent debris and bacteria accumulation. You can also choose a pool cover from our available facilities to reduce debris from entering the pool when it's not in use, making maintenance effortless.

Moreover, AUPOOL offers a cordless robotic pool cleaner that takes care of the dirty work while you enjoy your favourite poolside beverage. Say goodbye to manual scrubbing and diving into the water with a net; this reliable robot will effortlessly keep your pool sparkling, allowing you to focus on enjoying quality pool time.


Operating Costs:

Traditional concrete pools, due to their large volume, often require a significant amount of water and are equipped with large water pumps to ensure their normal operation. Whether it's the energy cost of running the large water pump or the cost of water resources consumed during refilling, cleaning, and evaporation processes, especially when you need to heat the pool in cold temperatures, the operating costs can be astonishing! This results in a short swimming season for traditional concrete pools, and if you want to extend the swimming season, you have to incur considerable expenses.

In contrast, Aupool Glass Exercise pools do not require a large volume of water to operate efficiently. They come with a water circulation and purification system that ensures you don't need to frequently replace the entire pool water while keeping it clean. The pool cover also helps prevent water evaporation and heat loss. The air-source heat pump in Aupool Glass Exercise Pool ensures you can enjoy the optimal water temperature throughout the year without worrying about exorbitant electricity bills or excessive noise.

Additionally, Aupool Glass Exercise pools can be placed indoors for year-round usage. The air-source heat pump can adjust the water temperature to your desired level, whether you want it to function as a Cold Plunge Pool, Hot Tub, or therapy pool – options that traditional concrete pools cannot provide.


 exercise pool.jpg

Fitness and Entertainment:

Fitness and pool parties are undoubtedly major reasons for constructing a pool. Regarding fitness, traditional concrete pools are typically larger, providing more space for swimming and are suitable for long-distance swimming. If you are a professional swimmer or prefer longer-distance swimming that requires turns, a traditional concrete pool may be more suitable. It offers a broader swimming area, bringing you closer to an authentic swimming experience.

On the other hand, Aupool Glass Exercise pools are equipped with a Swimming Current Machine, allowing you to swim in place. Despite being smaller in size compared to traditional concrete pools, they still provide effective swimming exercises. They offer significant benefits for full-body muscle and cardiovascular workouts. Furthermore, Aupool Glass Exercise pools come with massage functionality, which helps relax muscles and alleviate fatigue after a workout.

In terms of entertainment, traditional pools are typically larger and can accommodate more people. If you plan to host frequent large pool parties, and celebrations, or enjoy quality time with family and friends, a traditional concrete pool may better suit your needs.

Aupool Glass Exercise pools are more compact, which means they may have a limited capacity for pool parties. However, their multi-functionality and massage features can add more fun and relaxation to your gatherings.

Aupool Glass Exercise pools are ideal for smaller gatherings and family activities, providing participants with opportunities for swimming, massage, and entertainment.


 glass walled pool.jpg

Glass Wall:

Lastly, when choosing the type of pool to build, there's a crucial factor to consider; have you ever seen those stunning glass-walled pools at luxurious hotels or resorts during your vacations?

They are often praised on social media for their unique visual effect, making you feel like you are at the junction of water and air. This visual effect enhances the pool's appearance, making swimming and leisure experiences more enjoyable.

Now, Aupool Glass Exercise Pools bring this experience to your home, eliminating the need to go to luxury hotels or resorts – you can enjoy a high-end, visually appealing, and modern pool right at home.

Moreover, through the transparent glass walls, you can see people's movements underwater clearly without the distortion that occurs at the water's surface, creating incredible photo and video opportunities. For underwater exercises or swimming lessons, this transparency allows for the correction of movements, ensuring that your actions are perfect.


In conclusion, the ultimate decision on choosing a pool type depends on your personal preferences, family needs, budget, and available space. Before making your choice, it is advisable to carefully consider the above factors and consult with professional pool construction companies to make the best decision based on your requirements and conditions. Regardless of the pool type you choose; it will become an essential place for your family's entertainment and exercise.

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