“Since the inception of our pool business, AUPOOL has consistently adhered to using FRP materials. FRP stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and is a fiber-reinforced composite resin formed by layering multiple layers of fiberglass within polyester resin. It finds wide applications in various fields, including industrial products, home equipment, bathtubs, boat hulls, and more. The lightweight and robust nature of FRP materials also offers exceptional fatigue resistance and seismic durability, making it an ideal material for pool liner”


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“Lightweight and relatively high hardness to prevent rust”

The weight of FRP is approximately one-quarter that of steel and 60% that of aluminum. Compared to other metal materials, FRP is extremely lightweight and boasts high hardness, effectively meeting the requirements for pool liner.
While stainless steel and aluminum are less prone to rust, using metal materials for pools can still result in rust over extended periods in harsh environments. FRP is a non-metal composite material of fiberglass and polyester resin, making it completely rust-free.

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“Enhanced Surface Protection and Customized Designs”

To maintain the aesthetics of the FRP material's surface, AUPOOL applies surface coating to the unit structure's surface. The coating on the material's surface effectively counters UV rays, acid rain, chlorine disinfectants, and other demanding pool environment factors, demonstrating durability while preserving the exterior beauty of FRP material. It also effectively prevents algae attachment, making pool maintenance easier. AUPOOL also offers customized pattern services, allowing personalized designs on the lining surface for an extraordinary pool experience.

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“Excellent Thermal Insulation and Waterproof Integrity”

Compared to metals and concrete, FRP provides better insulation. AUPOOL's FRP pool liner incorporate a sandwich structure by embedding rigid foam materials within the FRP composition. This innovation enhances the thermal insulation performance of heated swimming pools, contributing to a reduction in operational costs to some extent.
Waterproof integrity is fundamental to pools, and AUPOOL is particularly meticulous about this aspect. The connecting parts of the pool's bottom and wall structure modules are integrated using FRP material and sealed with structural adhesive. The modular design eliminates concerns about water leakage in the pool.

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Mobility And Reassembly

Due to the modular structure units, moving and relocating the pool becomes more convenient. When needed, the FRP lining panels can be disassembled, and upon reaching the new location, they can be reassembled. This saves considerable costs, allowing you to retain your pool and only necessitating reassembly.

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Modular Design


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