Explore a new dimension of swimming- swimming current machine

What is an AUPOOL Swim Current Machine?

A swimming current machine, also known as a swim current generator or swim jet, is a device designed to provide a continuous flow of water for swimming or aquatic exercise.
The AUPOOL swim current machine is capable of simulating different water flow speeds and directions, helping swimmers practice various skills and adapt to different water flow conditions. Swimmers can swim against this current, effectively allowing them to swim in place without having to turn around at the end of a pool, as it is an endless pool swim machine
Swimming current machines are popular for exercise, rehabilitation, and training purposes, as they provide a controlled environment for swimming and aquatic workouts. They are often used by swimmers looking to improve stroke technique, endurance, or cardiovascular health.
Additionally, they are commonly found in gyms, rehabilitation centers, and private residences.

Which swim current machine should you buy?

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  • Counter current endless pool swim jet
  • Wall-mounted swimming training

Swimming Current Machine

The swimming machine is a counter-current machine which produces a powerful evastream of water in pool. The power box provides low voltage DC power to drive the turbine. The turbine is controlled by the control panel.

  • -- Five speeds for every training level of swimmer
  • -- 320 cubic metre per hour for professional performance
  • -- Permanent magnet brushless motor for extremely quiet operation
  • -- Simple to install, easy to retrofit
  • -- Intuitive Controls on the unit
  • -- Power tower
  • -- Propeller-driven design for broad and even surface current and undercurrent
  • -- Made of durable marine grade 3l6 Stainless Steel

Home version


The AUPOOL Swimming Current Machine home version offers a controlled environment, perfect for swimming and aquatic workouts, making it a popular choice for exercise, rehabilitation, and training.

  • Improving swimming skills:Focus on perfecting swimming strokes without interruptions, enabling continuous practice.
  • Continuous swimming:No need to worry about turning around at the end of the pool like in a traditional pool.
  • Cardiovascular health:Swimming against the current provides a rigorous cardiovascular workout, enhancing heart and lung health.
  • Low-impact exercise:Gentle on joints, ideal for individuals with joint pain or undergoing rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation:Assists in recovery within rehabilitation plans, minimizing impact on injured areas.
  • Weight management:Burns calories, aiding in weight management and achieving weight loss goals.
  • Stress relief and relaxation:Offers a tranquil swimming experience, easing tension and promoting mental well-being.
  • Supply voltage: 110VAC or 230VAC
  • Frequency range: 47 ~ 63 Hz
  • Rated current(230VAC): 5.5 A
  • Nominal power:1150VA
  • Power factor (type):>0.9
  • Output Rated voltage:28V
  • Output Rated current(Max):40A
  • Discharge rate:50m³/h ~ 250m³/h
  • Speed at outlet:1.0 m/s ~ 2.5 m/s
  • Water temperature:5 ~ 35℃
  • Immersion depth:0,20m ~ 0.5m
  • Cable turbine:5 m, 10m

Athletes Pro


The Athletes Pro version shares similar features with the home edition but with increased power, catering to swimmers with higher aspirations. Whether it's intense swim training or the desire for greater resistance to engage multiple muscle groups for overall strength and endurance, the Athletes Pro model delivers. However, rest assured, the functionalities of the home edition remain intact and adjustable, right?

  • Supply voltage: 110VAC or 230VAC
  • Frequency range: 47 ~ 63 Hz
  • Rated current(230VAC): 8.5 A
  • Nominal power:1750VA
  • Power factor (type):>0.9
  • Output Rated voltage:28V
  • Output Rated current(Max):60A
  • Discharge rate:50m³/h ~ 320m³/h
  • Speed at outlet:1.0 m/s ~ 3.2 m/s
  • Water temperature:5 ~ 35℃
  • Immersion depth:0,20m ~ 0.5m
  • Cable turbine:5 m, 10m

“Endless Pool Space:
Breaking the Bounds of Size Limitations”

The AUPOOL Swimming Current Machine provides an expansive swimming space within the pool, as its design allows swimmers to swim for extended periods within a relatively small area without the need for turning around, overcoming the limitations of pool size. This offers swimmers greater convenience and freedom, enabling them to enjoy continuous swimming challenges and excitement

“Tailored Swimming
Experience: Personalized
Adjustability at Your Fingertips”

The AUPOOL Swimming Current Machine offers adjustable features to cater to individual swimmers. Swimmers can adjust the flow speed and intensity to meet their training needs, whether they desire high-intensity butterfly strokes, sprint training, or low-intensity leisurely swimming. The AUPOOL Swimming Current Machine can accommodate the diverse requirements of different swimmers

How to Install a Pool Counter-Current System

The AUPOOL pool counter-current system is compatible with various types of swimming pools. It only requires a wall where the base can be securely mounted to instantly transform your pool, providing you with a variety of water-based activity options including stationary swimming, professional training, water-based entertainment, and rehabilitation therapy.

Before delving into the installation of the pool counter-current system, it's essential to understand the importance of symmetrical placement. For your optimal swimming experience, careful consideration of the positioning of the counter-current system during the design phase is crucial, taking into account elements such as the location of stairs and platforms. Such "obstacles" can lead to a less enjoyable swimming experience. For the best water flow, the swim machine should be placed in the middle of the pool wall in a symmetrically designed pool.

The components of a pool counter-current system

AUPOOL pool counter-current system consists of three parts: the power box, control panel, and turbine.

A. Power box
The power box of the swim machine is placed in the technical area near the swimming pool (in a dry and non-condensing environment).The power box is equipped with an on/off switch, which must be turned off after use.

B. Control panel
Simply press the button on the control panel to start/stop or adjust the speed of the swim machine exercise.

C. Turbine
Water is drawn in through the grids around the machine. Always ensure that the intake components are completely unobstructed. Under no circumstances should these parts of the machine be closed off or blocked.

1. Drill holes at the edge of the pool

Hang the mounting bracket in the center of the symmetrically designed pool wall, and mark the positions of the expansion bolts according to the fixed holes on the mounting bracket. Drill four appropriately sized holes in the pool wall and then hammer the expansion bolts into the holes.

2. Setting the height and angle of the turbine unit

Your swimming experience depends on the correct positioning of the turbine unit. By placing the turbine at the right height, you can ensure that the water flow reaches the chest level of the swimmer.

We recommend spacing the center of the turbine unit from the waterline by approximately 250 millimeters. The recommended upward angle of the turbine unit is about 5 degrees.

With these settings, the water jet will break the water surface at a speed of approximately 1.5 to 2 meters behind the turbine outlet. If the angle of the turbine unit is too steep, the water surface will be rough. If the angle of the turbine unit is too flat or even downward, the perceived performance will be significantly reduced. If the turbine unit is clearly too low, raising it higher can improve perceived performance.

Secure the turbine unit to the appropriate screw holes on the mounting bracket as needed. The turbine unit can be adjusted up to 0-5 degrees.

3. Install the bracket with the turbine unit at the edge of the pool

Thread each of the three cables from the turbine unit through the holes in the mounting bracket, secure the mounting bracket to the expansion bolts, and lock it into place.

4. Connect the cables of the control panel

Connect the waterproof cable connector from the turbine unit to the control panel and use screws to secure the control panel to the mounting bracket.

5. Connect the cables of the control panel

Lock the cable connectors of the positive and negative cables from the turbine unit onto the power box. Secure the positive and negative cables from the turbine unit onto the positive and negative poles of the power source (ensure tight locking). Once this step is completed, the installation work is complete, and we're ready to start!

Start !

Pre-start inspection

Before starting the machine, check all the lines for damage and ensure that the electrical connections are secure!

The suction is done from the side of the turbine unit. It must be ensured that the suction slot is never blocked to ensure the flow of water.

The turbine unit can only operate underwater. Before use, be sure to completely submerge the turbine unit. Failure to submerge the turbine unit during use may cause serious and permanent damage to the turbine unit.

Control panel operation

Insert the input line of the power box into the socket and use the rotating switch on the front of the power box to turn on the swim machine! The control panel will light up

  • Press and hold the 'On/Off' button for 3 seconds to activate the turbine unit.
  • When the turbine boost starts, press the 'speed+' button to increase the speed by one level, with a maximum of five levels.
  • Pressing the 'speed-' button will decrease the speed by one level, with the minimum level being one.
  • When the turbine unit is running, press the On/Off button to turn off the turbine unit.

“Dive into the Ultimate Swimming Experience with AUPOOL Swimming Current Machine”

Embark on an exhilarating aquatic journey with the AUPOOL Swimming Current Machine, offering swimmers a whole new level of swimming experience and challenges. Paired with features like temperature control systems and underwater bikes, it creates the perfect environment for healthy swimming, anytime and anywhere. Dive into the excitement, indulge in the joy of swimming, enhance your skills, and maintain a fit and healthy body. Join forces with the AUPOOL Swimming Current Machine and explore new frontiers in the world of swimming.

Counter-current system maintenance instructions

Before The installation bracket and motor of the AUPOOL swim machine are made of stainless steel alloy commonly used in swimming pools.

It is essential to select a cleaner based on the intended use and consider the material, surface, or equipment to avoid damage and corrosion when substances enter the pool water. In particular, solid substances must be dissolved before addition.

Under no circumstances should cleaners containing hydrochloric acid be used on stainless steel.

Unintended use

  • Not suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Not suitable for corrosive environments (gases, acids, vapors, substances, oils).
  • Not suitable for dirty water.
  • The turbine unit should not be used on the water surface.

Warranty service

  • The turbine has a one year manufacturer warranty
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