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Transform Your Pool with Elite Acrylic Window Panels

CONTACT US Glass swimming pools represent a cutting-edge design concept that transforms the swimming experience through the use of transparent glass or acrylic panels for the pool's walls or bottom. This avant-garde approach not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of pools by giving them a transparent, contemporary look but also enhances the swimming experience by offering unparalleled views of the surrounding scenery. Swimmers can enjoy a unique visual connection with their environment, making every swim a memorable occasion
Glass Swimming Pool

What Is a Glass Swimming Pool

Glass swimming pools are a pool design concept where the walls or the bottom of the pool are made of transparent glass or acrylic panels. This innovative design allows swimmers to see the surrounding scenery through the transparent walls while providing clear visibility of pool activities to onlookers. Using glass in pool design creates a transparent and modern appearance, offering swimmers a unique visual experience distinct from traditional pools.

Pool Acrylic panel VS Pool Glass wall

Typically, for safety reasons, real glass is not used in constructing glass pools; instead, acrylic panels, also known as plexiglass panels, are employed.

  • · Transparency and Clarity: Acrylic window panels boast exceptional clarity, allowing up to 92% of visible light to pass through, more than glass. This high transparency rate ensures that spaces feel more open and connected to the outdoor environment, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any structure.
  • · Seamless Integration: With the ability to be molded and shaped into various forms, acrylic panels can be customized to fit any design, providing a sleek, modern look that seamlessly integrates with both interior and exterior spaces.
  • · Light Manipulation: The unique properties of acrylic allow it to manipulate light in creative ways, adding depth and dimension to spaces. Whether diffusing natural light to create a soft glow or enhancing the vibrancy of colors through its clear surface, acrylic panels elevate the visual experience.

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Acrylic Glass and
Traditional Swimming Pools

People are often captivated by the breathtaking visual impact and design of acrylic glass swimming pools, making it challenging to decide between them and traditional concrete or fiberglass pools when constructing one. While acrylic glass pools undeniably offer numerous advantages compared to conventional pools, it's crucial to acknowledge that they also have their fair share of drawbacks. Below, I'll outline the pros and cons of each option to help you make a decision that aligns with your preferences.


One of the main reasons people opt for acrylic glass swimming pools is the stunning visual impact they offer. The transparent walls create a mesmerizing effect, enhancing the structure's aesthetic appeal and fostering a sense of openness and connection with the surroundings. The transparent look and the ability to see through the pool walls create a visually captivating aquatic scene. It's like opening a window to the underwater world, providing a fascinating view of the water, wildlife, and swimmers. For upscale residences, hotels, and resorts, acrylic pools are a striking showcase.


The major downside of acrylic pools is that they can cost a pretty penny compared to concrete or fiberglass. You’re considering shelling out two to three times more for the acrylic panels and installation than the latter options. Plus, you'll need specialized contractors for custom acrylic fabrication and installation.

Overall, for luxury residences and high-end properties, the striking design of an acrylic pool may outweigh the additional costs and maintenance. While acrylic glass swimming pools offer unique advantages in aesthetics and design, prospective homeowners should carefully assess the challenges and considerations before deciding.

Different Types of Acrylic Glass Swimming Pool
Designs and Structures

Typically, we categorize acrylic glass swimming pools into three types based on installing acrylic panels and their structures and locations: acrylic glass-walled pools, acrylic glass window pools, and acrylic glass bottom pools.

Acrylic Glass Walled Pools

Acrylic Glass Walled Pool
Classic Rectangle Acrylic Glass Walled Pool
Overflow/Infinity Acrylic Glass Walled Pool
Overflow/Infinity Acrylic Glass Walled Pool
Custom Freeform Acrylic Glass Walled Pool
Custom Freeform Acrylic Glass Walled Pool
Acrylic Glass Pool Window

The difference between "glass pool windows" and a “glass-walled pool" lies in how the acrylic panels are positioned. In a glass pool window, the acrylic panel is entirely submerged underwater, like a window opening underwater. The acrylic panel is structurally fixed all around its perimeter, unlike in a glass-walled pool where there's no structural support above the acrylic panel. This means that in glass pool windows, the acrylic panel can be thinner because it doesn't need to resist deformation, bending, or breaking under water pressure like in glass-walled pools. Glass pool windows are typically installed to offer underwater views, enhance aesthetics, or create an open atmosphere in the pool area.

Acrylic Glass Bottom Pools

Glass bottom pools are a luxurious and visually stunning feature in which a section of the pool's floor is made of transparent acrylic glass, allowing swimmers to see through to the area below. These pools are often built at elevated heights or over other structures, such as buildings or cliffsides, creating a captivating experience for those swimming above. Glass bottom pools are popular in resorts, hotels, and high-end residences, offering a unique and exhilarating swimming experience. They provide a sense of floating or swimming above the ground, with the illusion of transparency adding to the excitements.

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First Step

Share your acrylic glass pool information


CAD drawings or floor plans would help us provide accurate suggestions

Brilliant idea

No blueprints? No worries! Share your fantastic idea with us, including the type of pool, depth, environmental considerations, and more. Please don’t fret about missing details; our pool experts will confirm each. Let's collaborate to craft the perfect pool plan together.

Let's See Your Brilliant Idea Take Shape !

Upon receiving your input, AUPOOL's engineers will draft preliminary sketches and renderings of your acrylic glass pool. These visuals will outline the dimensions of the acrylic panels, demonstrate installation techniques, and provide an initial depiction of your brilliant concept. You can trust that any new ideas you propose will be promptly integrated into the design process, ensuring we work together seamlessly to enhance and perfect your vision!

renderings of your acrylic glass pool.

Divided Acrylic Panels

When dealing with large or complex acrylic pool engineering projects, we must divide the acrylic panels to ensure smooth production, transportation, and installation, for example, the "1 Hotel Acrylic Glass Bottom Swimming Pool" project we completed, which spans 180 feet in length and 72 feet in width. We divided the acrylic panels into 27 sections to facilitate transportation and installation and utilized seamless assembly techniques. As a result, the completed pool appears as if it's made from a single piece of acrylic, providing an unparalleled visual experience.

acrylic panels installation acrylic panel pool acrylic pool design acrylic panel

Installation &
Engineering Blueprints

After achieving the expected preliminary results, we will move on to a crucial step: preparing detailed engineering blueprints.

These drawings include precise dimensions of the acrylic panels, installation schematics, and plans for the framework and support structure. The purpose of the framework and support structure is to provide support and secure the acrylic panels. Typically made of reinforced concrete or steel, we refer to these structures as grooves. Engineers at AUPOOL will devise a detailed plan for the groove treatment, and all you need to do is follow the blueprint to prepare the groove structure.

Acrylic Panel
Factory & Production

Once the drawings and plans are confirmed to be accurate and after the contract is signed, we'll begin production of the acrylic panels. The production timeline is determined based on the weight of the acrylic panels. Typically, our experts will provide a timeframe before production begins, and we'll keep you updated on the progress throughout the production process.

acrylic glass pool factory

AUPOOL, established in China in 1995, has completed over 1,000 global projects, ranging from aquariums to acrylic window panels and swimming pools. Equipped with cutting-edge production processes and a skilled installation team, AUPOOL specializes in producing extra-thick acrylic sheets. Our seamless joining technology ensures consistent strength and durability, especially in large-scale pool projects. With nearly 30 years of operation and zero accidents, AUPOOL guarantees top quality and safety.

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Safe Delivery

Next, we need to figure out how to safely and securely transport the acrylic panels to the site and then carefully place them onto the framework without any damage and on time. This involves confirming packaging, transportation, and hosting plans.

acrylic pool wall
Packaging Scheme
acrylic panel
Transportation Plan
acrylic windows
Lifting Plan

Acrylic Installation

Waterproofing the Groove Before Acrylic Panel Installation
Before installing the acrylic panels, the first step is to waterproof the junction between the acrylic and the installation groove. We use alternating layers of epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth to ensure a smooth, sturdy waterproof surface that adheres well to the structure. Once the waterproof layer is dry, we can proceed with the next step.
We use a leveling tool to adjust the position of the acrylic bottom groove, laying down shims as needed to ensure the acrylic panels are level once placed in the groove.
Before placing the acrylic panels into the groove, it is essential to recheck the dimensions and shapes of both the acrylic panels and the acrylic installation groove. Compare the dimensions of the acrylic panels and the groove to ensure that the acrylic can safely fit into the groove. Only then can the acrylic be hoisted into place. This step is crucial!!!
Filling the Gaps
After placing the acrylic panels into the groove, we pour non-shrinking cement to fill the gaps between the acrylic panels and the groove. Soft cotton is inserted around the edges to allow for expansion and contraction of the acrylic. Once filled, we seal the structure with sealant.
On-site Installation: Our installation team will be dispatched to the construction site to carry out the aforementioned installation process and provide a 2-year acrylic waterproof guarantee.

Installation Guidance: We will provide customers with instructional videos of the entire construction installation process for reference, and offer installation recommendations based on the actual situation.
Acrylic panel Installation

Seamless Joining

Seamless joining is a solution for projects where using a single panel to complete the entire project is not feasible. Typically, our single panels can reach a maximum length of 46 feet. If the size exceeds this limit or there are unique shapes or installation environment restrictions, we need to divide the panels into multiple pieces for transportation and perform seamless joining on-site at the project location.
We adjust the two acrylic panels that must be joined to the appropriate positions to ensure the joint gap meets the set width. After changing the gap, we simultaneously make jointing molds. The jointing mold involves aligning the two acrylic sides to be joined, changing the width uniformly by about 3-4mm, and sealing with unique materials. Each sealing leaves a pouring port, and all joints are molded synchronously.

Once all acrylic panels are in place, we construct an overall thermal and dust-proof shed in the acrylic construction area. Depending on the site's climate, we install air conditioning or heaters inside the shed to adjust the temperature appropriately.
When the preparation work is complete, we start pouring. First, we vacuum the pre-prepared jointing material to prevent bubbles. After filling the joint gap, we seal the pouring port. After the joint gap is completely cured, we inspect it for bubbles or apparent transitions. Once confirmed, we begin polishing until the seam is smooth. There should be no apparent transitions or reflections on the surface.

acrylic panel Seamless Joining

Unmatched Quality and Durability:
AUPOOL's Acrylic Glass Pool Innovations

At AUPOOL specializes in custom Glass Swimming Pools, including Large Acrylic Underwater Window Pools, Infinity Pools with Glass Walls, and more. With over 1,000 successful projects worldwide, we collaborate closely with design institutes, real estate firms, and hotel chains, ensuring unparalleled quality. Our expertise lies in utilizing acrylic window panels and panels for walls, crucial for creating stunning, durable pools. Partner with us for innovative, quality-driven Glass Swimming Pool projects, where your vision meets our commitment to excellence.


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Aupool stands as the premier glass pool company, offering top-notch services worldwide from design and production to installation. With our expertise, we cater to individuals globally who aspire to build a acrylic glass swimming pool, assisting users in bringing their dream pools to life.

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Aupool boasts advanced production lines and equipment, top-notch manufacturing and construction techniques, a professional structural team, and technical support from a physics institute. With a flawless safety record over nearly 30 years, we prioritize your safety above all else.

Glass swimming pools utilize transparent acrylic panels for walls or the bottom, offering a unique visual experience by allowing swimmers and onlookers clear views of the surrounding scenery.

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