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“Pursuing Balance and Health in Modern Living”

In today's fast-paced world, finding balance and maintaining good health has become a common goal for many. Modern families are seeking a way to relax, unwind, and enjoy activities like swimming, water therapy, and fitness right at home. Undoubtedly, having a pool is the perfect solution for those seeking refreshment and leisure. However, you might have wondered if owning a pool requires vast space, high maintenance costs, and complex management. Fear not, because AUPOOL has crafted a multifunctional pool that allows you to experience swimming, massage, exercise, and therapy in the comfort of your home – creating your very own private swimming paradise! AUPOOL's pools stand out due to their unique combination of features, catering to different family members' needs. Whether you are a swimming enthusiast, seeking therapy and relaxation, or yearning for an immersive swimming and spa experience, AUPOOL's pools have got you covered. Let's explore these exciting features together!


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“The perfect lap pool for serious swimmers and fitness enthusiasts. Swim continuously in limited space!”

Created with serious swimmers and fitness enthusiasts in mind, lap pool provides a top-notch training environment suitable for athletes and those who adore long-distance swimming and invigorating aerobic exercises.If you dream of having a home lap pool for swimming and fitness, but space is limited, look no further than AUPOOL's Glass Home Exercise Pool – the ideal pick! With a range of sizes from 13 to 32 feet, you can easily select the perfect fit for your backyard. And the best part? Equipped with a professional-grade swimming current machine, you can swim continuously without interruptions! Say goodbye to worries about needing massive space for a lap pool experience – we've got you covered!

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“Home therapy pools offer warm water, soothing massages, and hydrotherapy for relaxation and recovery”

If relaxation and therapy are what you seek, Aupool pools can also serve as a home therapy pool. AUPOOL's home therapy pools offer a warm water temperature, typically around 32°C to 36°C, and can be adjusted to provide the most comfortable and soothing therapy experience. The elevated water temperature aids in relieving muscle tension and pain, promoting blood circulation. Moreover, with the added water jet system, you can enjoy gentle massages and soothing hydrotherapy. Whether you want to unwind tense muscles, relax your mind, and body, or enhance your recovery, aupool home therapy pool will provide the ultimate comfort of water therapy. Now, you can indulge in a personalized therapeutic experience right at home, as your AUPOOL pool becomes your personal therapy haven.

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“Enjoy Aquatic Fitness at Home for Your Exercise Pleasure”

For those inclined towards water-based fitness activities, AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool is a fantastic choice as a home fitness pool. In addition to regular swimming training, this pool comes equipped with a water jet system that allows for various water-based aerobic exercises, such as aqua jogging and water aerobics. Say goodbye to trips to the gym as AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool enables you to enjoy aquatic fitness at home. It's the ideal solution for home fitness, offering you a space-saving option that combines the comforts of water.

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“Cold Plunge Pool and Hot Tub: Soak and Unwind in Comfortable Warm Waters”

And if you're simply looking for a cozy spot to relax and unwind, AUPOOL's smallest Pool can provide similar features to that of a cold plunge pool or hot tub. At a size of 15 feet in length and 13 feet in width, it can easily fit in indoor spaces, gardens, courtyards, or even balconies. With a water depth of 3.94 feet, you can fully immerse yourself in water, and it can comfortably accommodate multiple people for relaxation and entertainment with family and friends.
The AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool also comes with an air heat pump that allows for easy temperature control, so whether you want to cool off in the plunge pool during hot weather or relax in a warm hot tub during chilly days, the AUPOOL pool ensures an incomparable water experience for your leisure and relaxation.

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“Your All-in-One Private Water Therapy Center”

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Like a swim spa, AUPOOL offers a swim spa experience at home that's unparalleled. Its exceptional features include:

  • Swimming Function: AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool is equipped with a powerful water flow system, allowing you to swim in place effortlessly. This permits continuous swimming training or leisurely swimming without space limitations.
  • Space-Saving: Compared to traditional swimming pools, the AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool is a space-saving choice, particularly suitable for limited spaces like backyards, balconies, or even indoors. It also avoids the complexities of construction.
  • Temperature Control: The AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool comes with a temperature control system, allowing you to adjust the water temperature according to your preferences. You can enjoy warm and relaxing massages or refreshing swims, all in one place.
  • Multifunctionality: AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool often incorporates various features, not just swimming and massage functions. It may include fitness equipment, underwater bikes, and more, supporting a diverse range of exercise and leisure needs.
  • Massage Function: Additionally, AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool features massage nozzles and a water jet system, providing you with a luxurious spa-like massage experience. These massage functions aid in relieving muscle tension, improving blood circulation, and relaxing your mind and body.
  • Water treatment system: AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool is equipped with a powerful water flow system, allowing you to swim in place effortlessly. This permits continuous swimming training or leisurely swimming without space limitations.

Home Swimming pool: The Ultimate Family Experience of Swimming, Therapy, and Fitness

AUPOOL provides you with a range of multifunctional pools, allowing you to enjoy swimming, fitness, and water therapy pleasures in the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking for a family swim spa or a plunge pool, our pools will create your very own private aquatic haven, providing the ultimate home swimming experience.
  So, why wait? Dive into the world of AUPOOL's amazing home swimming solutions and unlock your path to ultimate relaxation, fitness, and bliss!

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