Swimming Pool
Made Easy

  • No building permit required
  • Portable when moving
  • low construction, energy, maintenance costs
  • Customize and get a quote online
  • 72Hour Rapid Installation

Aupool aims to offer everyone the chance to have an above-ground swimming pool at home, especially in places where traditional or structural pools are not feasible due to financial or technical constraints. We provide solid, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and affordable above-ground pools and take care of installation and maintenance for you.

Multi-scene Versatile Pool

Equipped with a temperature control system, spa functionality, aquatic exercise features, and saltwater capabilities, it offers versatility as a hot tub, cold plunge pool, exercise pool, saltwater pool, and pool spa

Customize And Get A Quote Online

Freely select pool sizes and configurations online and receive a free quote, or you can get in touch with our experts to customize your dream pool to your specifications

Quality Guarantee Service

All electrical equipment comes with a 2-year quality guarantee, while the transparent acrylic panels 30-year quality warranty

Global Product Delivery     

Our product can be delivered worldwide and we are open to partnership around the world


Enhance Life's Enjoyment

"we are committed to turn your pool dreams into reality. No matter where you are, no matter what size of your space it is, we can create a one-of-a-kind pool for you. From design to completion, we offer impeccable customization services to ensure your pool aligns perfectly with your vision and needs. Welcome to a new era in pool design, welcome to AUPOOL."

Style & Strength Combined

where fashion meets functionality

"With a robust stainless steel framework, a woodgrain exterior finish, FPR pool lining, and a transparent acrylic window, our pool seamlessly combines strength, durability, and style. Elevate your outdoor space with a pool that not only offers a touch of luxury but also stands the test of time. Explore the perfect blend of elegance and resilience with our pools"

Swim, Relax, and Stay Fit

Your All-in-One Pool Experience

"With our pool, the possibilities are endless. Maintain your pool's temperature between a frosty -15 degrees and a balmy 40 degrees, ensuring year-round swimming enjoyment. Use it as a hot tub or a cold water plunge pool to suit any mood. Plus, our swim current machine allows for resistance training and water exercises, perfect for those pursuing weight loss or fitness goals. And don't forget the underwater massage system, turning your pool into a relaxing spa. Your dream pool, all in one package."

Clean Water & Less Work

Effortless Pool Perfection

"With our pool, you get more than just crystal-clear water – you get peace of mind. Our robust water treatment system automatically circulates and purifies the water, ensuring your pool stays pristine without the need for frequent water changes. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly adding chemicals with our salt chlorination system. Not only does it keep your water pure, but it also significantly reduces the cost of chemicals and energy from frequent water replacements. Experience the freedom of enjoying a sparkling clean pool without the worry"

Customize, Visualize, and Dive In

Design Your Dream Pool with a Click

"Imagine crafting your dream pool from the comfort of your own home. Our online 3D configuration service, complete with pricing details, puts the power of choice in your hands. With a range of sizes and equipment options, you can customize your ideal pool to match your style and budget. And if you don't find what you're looking for, fret not – our experts are just a call away, ready to provide personalized, one-on-one service. Your dream pool is just a click or a call away."

Tim. Aupool Expert
Aupool Expert
Della. Aupool Expert
Aupool Expert

Meet Your Aupool


Book a free consultation with an Aupool Expert, who can design your space, plan for common issues, and qualify you for bulk discounts


Your Top 5 Questions Answered

  • 1. What's the story behind Aupool?

    Based in Guangdong, China, Aupool is a brand founded in 2014, and we've already delivered over 600 pool projects worldwide for hotels, villas, clubs, and accommodations.

  • 2. what's warranty?

    5-year stainless steel frame warranty, 30-year acrylic panel guarantee, and 2-year electrical equipment coverage.

  • 3. how to assemble?

    Detailed guides, video tutorials, and engineer support. Get your pool set up in as little as 3-4 days with a two-person team

  • 4. Which countries do you ship to?

    Our products can be delivered worldwide. Contact our pool experts for local dealer information. we are open to partnership opportunities in cities across the globe.

  • 5. Is a permit required?

    In most cases, no permit is needed if you have a solid ground. But if you plan to install a concrete base, check with local authorities for permit requirements.

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