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Top 10 Plunge Pools Customization Ideas in 2024

By aupool | Date: 2024-01-19 | 694 read

With the advancement of time and technology, things are getting compact and smart. Modern science has allowed things to be more efficient in all aspects. Just like different gadgets and devices, the swimming pool industry is also evolving in this modern world. Imagine being passionate about aquatic fitness and spa but having a smaller backyard. You can go to the public swimming pools of course but what if you can have a compact swimming pool in the backyard of your house, it is like a dream come true.

Well now it is quite possible, plunge pools are the perfect solution to smaller space issues. They are smaller than ordinary traditional pools in size and can be constructed even in smaller spaces. Often, they are used for relaxing and therapeutic purposes. These modern plunge pools can be customized using numerous plunge pool ideas to make them look more futuristic and luxurious. Some of these customization ideas are discussed in this blog.

plunge pool choose

Why Plunge Pools?

Plunge pools are way more compact than ordinary pools and can be fitted in smaller spaces. Including this, there are other benefits of owning a plunge pool. Some of them are given below:

  • Affordable
  • Highly Customizable
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Low maintenance
  • Unique and luxurious features

Building Your Plunge Pools

You can build your plunge pool yourself with proper resources and skills. Some considerations for building your plunge pool are mentioned below:

  • Skills and Expertise
  • Acquiring necessary permits and regulations if any
  • Taking safety precautions
  • Understanding the complexities
  • Using the right tools and proper resources

plunge pool customized

Customizing Your Plunge Pool

One of the hot-selling features of a plunge pool is its high customizability. The swimming pool industry has been witnessing a steady increase in the demand for plunge pools as it is space-friendly and give multiple opportunities to people to personalize their pools. Many innovative and artistic concepts can be incorporated during the construction or renovation of a plunge pool. These customization options can be categorized into three major classes that are mentioned below:

  1. Maximizing space
  2. Enhancing experience
  3. Elevating style

Maximizing Space

This is the initial planning stage for designing a customized plunge pool. If the planning is done correctly, you will get a perfect modern plunge pool in the end. It starts with choosing a perfect location for your pool and utilizing the best of it. Selecting materials that enhance the surroundings visually is also one of the major factors in building a modern plunge pool. Different possible customization options for this class are discussed below:

plunge pool size and shape

Size and Shape

Designing a perfect plunge pool requires a thorough assessment of the surroundings. Custom shapes and sizes can be built to match and fit into your architectural structure. These shapes range from geometrically square, rectangle, or triangle to free-form structures like waves or L-shaped structures. Pool sizes can also vary from small to huge. In short, you can design your plunge pool however you like in any shape and size.

plunge pool seating

Built-in Seatings

In small spaces, every inch of it should be utilized in an ideal pool. Seating arrangements can be installed inside the pool area and its surroundings for better socializing. Built-in benches, underwater ledges, and swim-up bars are a great way of socializing while swimming. Tanning ledges are also a great idea to enjoy sunbathing in your aquatic surroundings. These seating arrangements add to the functionality and luxury of the structure to a great extent. 

glass wall plunge pool

Infinity Edges

One of the best ways to compensate for a smaller space is to build glass wall pools that deliver an endless view of water space. This unique design creates an infinite swimming area bypassing the size limitations of the pool area and delivering a magical swimming experience to the swimmers. 

Enhancing experience

Forget the ordinary, dive into the extraordinary by installing different water and structural features into your swimming pool. This class is all about turning your pool area into a relaxing haven and a private space for aquatic adventures. Some of the top features for enhancing your swimming experience are discussed below:

plunge pool idea

Water features

To add some fun and decor to your aquatic space, you can integrate a lot of water features into your swimming pool. These features elevate the luxury and ambiance of your pool area and give it a modern and futuristic look. These water features include, 

  • Waterfalls
  • Water fountains
  • Water jets
  • Water bubblers
  • And many more

plunge pool desgin


Ambient lighting can be used in different ways to enhance your swimming experience to a great extent. These lights can be installed underwater for nighttime ambiance and aesthetics. Smart LEDs can be installed to adjust them according to your moods and occasions. They are perfect to host an event or throw a party in your backyard. Lighting can also be used to serve the purpose of safety in the pool area. Enlightening the pool area at nighttime can prevent any accidental injuries near your plunge pool. 

plunge pool temperature control

Temperature control

Pool temperature control System plays an important role in providing a good swimming experience. You cannot swim in cold water all around the year, water temperature must be maintained in an optimal and usable state in every season. Installing temperature units inside your pool serves the job. Smart temperature units can be installed to get automated temperature maintenance for your plunge pool. These units also come with solar power options to help consumers save energy and their money. It makes these pools usable even in colder weather and regions.

Similarly, during the summer season, these temperature units can be used to cool down the pool water and make it ready to dive even in extremely hot conditions to relax and chill out.

Elevating style

Styles and themes are among the top trends of the modern world. It is always fun to play with the color schemes and tweak the themes of your structures. They can catch the attention of many and deliver a stunning view to the consumers as well. In this quest to style your plunge pool better, so that it is in complete sync with your specific taste, try jumping into the world of customizations with different unique, and artistic ideas. 

So, turning your private swimming pool into a paradise is something beyond the basics. It is about having a personal style in all details. Be it bold shades or minimalistic tones, Tile Mania customization makes you experiment with a color palette of hues and textures, patterns, and mosaics. This time, immerse yourself in the visual effect as you build a plunge pool which is at the same time custom artwork and each tile reflects your personality. Some top customization options of this class are described below:

plunge pool tile

Tile mania

Tile mania customizations include tweaking colors, textures, patterns, and mosaics of the plunge pool structure. It is the most basic customization of a pool. You can design the overall look of your pool by selecting the designs and colors of the tiles and floors. Different artistic patterns can be drawn on the walls of the pool to give it a unique look for a stunning visual impact.

Modern plunge poll

Natural Touches

For nature lovers and those who value true natural views, Stone, pebbles, and wood accents for a spa-like atmosphere can be used to bring the pool closer to nature. Besides elevating the ambiance and aesthetics of the pool, these natural touches make the environment integrate with the surroundings seamlessly. 

Water and Fire

Integrating fire pits, fireplaces, or fire bowls into your pool area creates a mesmerizing view that compliments two basic elements of the planet, i.e. fire and water. It makes a unique and perfect combination to attract the viewers and gives a touch of drama to the scenery.

plunge pool designs

Themed Designs

If you desire a pool that tells a story or evokes a certain mood, themed designs provide endless possibilities. You may take modern minimalism, rustic retreat, or pirates as a theme for your swimming pool and add to your overall aquatic experience and fun. It adds a personality and continuity to the aquatic space. Considering these themes to design your plunge pools not only elevates the style and aesthetics but also talks about who you are.

Plunge pools

Other Customization options

Besides these 10 ideas, there are countless other possible options to customize your plunge pool. Some of them are listed below:

  • Hidden storage
  • Sound Systems 
  • Swim jets
  • Poolside Bars
  • Installation of      outdoor arts like sculptures.
  • Wireless Controls
  • Automatic covers
  • Swim Tether
  • Rechargeable Vacuum


At last, building a plunge pool is described as an open area for modernity and tranquility. Apart from the standard and customizable options, modern plunge pools are an attractive solution with functional value for small or limited spaces. Some of these potential concepts include the use of creative shapes, fixed seating to optimize space, water features, lighting, or temperature control. All are aimed at elevating the style and functionality of your pool. 

Tile mania, natural touches, integrations of fire and water, and themed designs enable you to demonstrate your plunge pool personality in your own way. Dive right in and let your creative mind develop the perfect underwater oasis that suits your customized lifestyle.

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