Design Concepts for Small Backyard Pools

Blending Creativity and Practicality:Design and Ideas for Small Backyard Pools

By aupool | Date: 2023-08-29 | 771 read

Design Concepts for Small Backyard Pools

Exploring the design concepts of small backyard pools while integrating creativity and practicality can breathe new life into your limited outdoor space. Even with constrained dimensions, creative designs can invigorate your backyard, creating an astonishing aquatic haven. Every backyard is unique, and the design of a small backyard pool should exude individuality, reflecting the owner's personality. From poolside materials to pool liner colours, these details convey the beauty of character.

Design is not solely about the pool; it must also harmonize with the overall outdoor space. Landscaping and outdoor furniture blend seamlessly. Handpicked plants, stones, and landscape elements create a serene environment. Comfortable poolside furniture offers a haven for relaxation and leisure.


Innovative Design for Limited Space: AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool

The AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool redefines creativity for small backyard pools. This pool exhibits a modern and refined appearance by replacing traditional concrete with a transparent glass wall. Customizable exteriors evoke the ambience of upscale resorts or chic boutique hotels right in your backyard. It's more than a pool; it's an artful expression.


small backyard plunge pool          

Small Backyard Pools, Plunge pool, Lap pool, Therapy pool, and more!

Small does not equate to sacrificing functionality. The AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool is perfect for aquatic aerobics and jogging, complete with a swimming current machine that allows you to swim continuously without turning around, providing a fitness-focused aquatic experience.

The AUPOOL Glass Exercise Pool also comes with an air heat pump that allows for easy temperature control, so whether you want to cool off in the plunge pool during hot weather or relax in a warm hot tub during chilly days, the AUPOOL pool ensures an incomparable water experience for your leisure and relaxation.


Semi-Inground and Above Ground Pools for Small Backyards

Semi-Inground and Above Ground Pools for Small Backyards

Both semi-inground and above-ground pools have their merits, and the choice depends on personal preferences. AUPOOL caters to your needs—prepare the ground, and whether you want a semi-inground or above-ground pool, AUPOOL can fulfil your vision. Choose the pool type, prepare the ground, and let AUPOOL do the rest. Compared to traditional pools, AUPOOL streamlines the process and is user-friendly.


Cost Considerations for Small Backyard Pools

Planning a budget is pivotal when crafting a small backyard pool. Design, construction, and maintenance all require careful evaluation. Design complexity, material choices, and maintenance are pivotal cost factors. Whether above-ground, semi-inground, or custom, the design directly affects the budget. Elaborate designs or unique shapes may increase design costs. Construction includes groundwork, foundations, walls, pool bottoms, water circulation systems, lighting, and fencing. Material selection and construction methods influence costs. While do-it-yourself construction can save labour costs, it demands time and effort.

In the AUPOOL 3D configurator, you can easily determine the cost of each choice, helping you customize within your budget. It also facilitates comparisons with other construction methods, ensuring the best value for your investment.


Small backyard pools offer cost-effective benefits and return on investment. Beyond recreation, they enhance property value. They provide a gathering place for family and friends during hot summers, fostering cherished memories.

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