Invigorating Swimming Water

By aupool | Date: 2023-06-02 | 684 read

Creating an Invigorating Swimming Experience: AUPOOL's Advanced Features for Perfect Pool Water

AUPOOL is dedicated to creating invigorating swimming water for every user by incorporating powerful equipment to achieve this effect.


AUPOOL's Glass Wall Infinity Pool features a meticulously designed water circulation system that effectively distributes water throughout the pool, preventing debris and bacteria from accumulating in stagnant areas.

Filter System:

AUPOOL equips each pool with a FILTER TANK and a salt chlorine generator.



The FILTER TANK uses a special layer of sand to capture and remove impurities, debris, and particles from the water flow, ensuring crystal-clear and clean pool water that maintains its allure and visual appeal.

The salt chlorine generator


also known as a saltwater chlorinator, utilizes a process called electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine. When the generator is powered on, the electric current passes through the salt cell, separating the salt in the water into sodium ions and chlorine ions. The chlorine ions then combine with water to form hypochlorous acid, which acts as a disinfectant, effectively killing bacteria, algae, and other contaminants in the pool water. This method typically results in lower chlorine levels compared to traditional chlorinated pools, reducing irritation to the skin and eyes and creating a softer water quality.

By using a salt chlorine generator, the need for storing and handling traditional forms of chlorine such as tablets or liquid is minimized, providing added convenience and safety.

Temperature Control System:

AUPOOL's Glass Wall Infinity Pool is equipped with a temperature control system that utilizes air source heat pumps to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the pool water. This energy-efficient heating method allows you to enjoy a comfortable swimming experience throughout the year by simply activating the heating mode in advance.

Additionally, AUPOOL provides a water quality monitor that displays important parameters of the pool water on the screen, allowing you to stay informed about the condition of the water.

Furthermore, AUPOOL offers an optional underwater cleaning robot that autonomously cleans the pool, eliminating the need for manual operation. You have the freedom to choose whether to include this feature.

Now, embark on the journey of creating your perfect swimming pool water and indulge in the process of relaxation and entertainment.

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