Which Material Is Better For Transparent Pool: Glass Or Acrylic?

Which Material Is Better For Transparent Pool: Glass Or Acrylic?

By admin | Date: 2023-03-10 | 120 read

As you may know, two materials are the best to build the transparent pool walls – glass and PMMA (polymethacrylate – or so called Lucite/Plexiglas). Both of them are commonly used in building transparent walls, and they both represent valid solutions.

The Trend Is Coming

When you’re designing a glass wall, you’ll need to use a temperate laminated glass. It’s one of the best methods for such structures because it provides them with structural support without the risk of cutting shards.

You can also install using a maximum of 6 meters width panels (so it is more expensive if longer walls). But it will never happen if using acrylic, as the panels can be customized with special machines.

The acrylic is also great for trim details and corners, and every type of architectural design.

With new technologies, Plexiglas leads to more customization and products can be made much cheaper. Glass is being replaced by Plexiglas as a result.

The Advantages Of The Acrylic

Apart from flexibility, here are more advantages of acrylic material.


Acrylic is a plastic so it’s more flexible than glass. This makes it less delicate and susceptible to breakage or damage when you customise it like you would with glass.


You may think acrylic isn’t entirely clear, but you’d be wrong! The glass is made by overlaying sheets of glass, which after a long time touching water, chemicals and atmospheric agents get opaque. It is hard to have a 35 years glass pool but our acrylic pool can do the job.


The acrylic has a lower thermal conductivity than glass, meaning it transfers less heat (or cold) from a wall. It also repels water, preventing the sign of condensation and ensures better moisture control.


The latest tech allows us to combine acrylic panels of different shapes. And the connections are less visible compared to those made with glass.


Acrylic panels are half the weight of glass and this makes them easier to handle, move, and shape.


The acrylic has way more resistance than glass – up to 17 times as much, in fact.


When trying to decide what kind of pool to get, it helps that acrylic pools represent the new frontier in transparency. They are customizable, as well as have better technical qualities and a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

If you would like to do an acrylic pool project, please contact us. Our expert will give you the reply within 8 hours!

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